Services and Pricing

Birth Doula Services- $1600

Please see an explanation of my new, expanded model of care in the September, 2018 update~ Updates

$800 is due at the time we sign our contract, the remaining balance is due at 38 weeks of pregnancy. There are no additional fees if you need birth support for more than a predetermined number of hours. However, a pot of coffee is always graciously accepted. 😉


  • No obligation phone consultation.
  • No obligation in person interview.
  • 3 prenatal visits, 2-3 hours each, with at least one in your home.
  • Availability through phone, text or email
  • On call for your birth for 2 weeks prior to and after your due date.
  • Use of a labor TENS unit, on loan to you by 37 weeks so you can begin using it in early labor.
  • Continuous presence for labor and birth beginning at the time that you decide you need me.
  • Unobtrusive help and support for 3 hours immediately after birth.
  • 2 postpartum visits to check in and assess and refer to postnatal professionals(as needed), and to process your birth experience. First visit at 24-72 hours after birth, second visit around 2 weeks postpartum, sooner if needed.

Postpartum Doula Services- $40 an hour, minimum of 12 hours, with 2-4 hour visits. 

*Currently not accepting postpartum doula clients*

1/2 of the total is due at the time we sign our contract, the other half when I begin my postpartum work. More postpartum doula hours can be added as needed for $30 an hour.


  • No obligation phone consultation.
  • No obligation in person interview.
  • One prenatal meeting 2-3 hours long
  • Physical, emotional and informational support of the mother during the postpartum recovery period.
  • Information and reassurance for parents about normal newborn behaviors and care.
  • Breastfeeding support, education and assistance, with referrals to IBCLC’s and CLC’s if needed.
  • Support, education and assistance for safe and nurturing formula feeding.
  • Nurturing and supporting the entire family.
  • Support for sibling adjustment.

My style as a postpartum doula is very consultant based. I recommend an initial contract of 12 hours. After our contract is signed, we will meet in the late prenatal/early postpartum period to assess your needs. I am very focused on taking a holistic mental picture of your postpartum plans/hopes/support systems/space and helping to create sustainable systems that make your life a little smoother, while screening for potential issues that may come up and getting ahead of them(primarily postpartum mood disorders and infant feeding issues). I will certainly pitch in with tasks as needed, but find that my clients benefit most from the creation of day to day scaffolding that supports them when I’m not there. The postpartum transition can be joyful, painful, confusing and amazing-as a postpartum doula I hold space for you as you connect with and get to know the new little person in your family.

Birth/Postpartum Package- $1750

*This package is currently unavailable*

$625 is due at the time we sign our contract, the remaining balance is due at 38 weeks of pregnancy.

This includes birth doula services and 12 extra hours of postpartum doula services. This package is a great value and ensures that you have good postpartum care and support for you and your family! The 12 hours can be used anytime during the first 12 weeks after the baby is home(visits of 2-3 hours). More postpartum doula hours can be purchased at the rate of $40 per hour. Please see above for more information on my style as a postpartum doula.

Private Childbirth Education Class- $150

If you are unable to take a longer childbirth education class(which I recommend if at all possible!), I am happy to be able to provide you with a 5 hour childbirth education session in the comfort of your home.  I will also leave you with my booklet, which has an easy to follow layout that helps you know if you are in labor, what you might expect, and comfort measures you can use. The booklet is also a great tool for your partner and/or support person. This class is only available to BLOSSOM birth clients.